Welcome To St. Peter's

Dear Friends,

A warm welcome to all new and returning students, faculty, staff and other friends of St. Peter's Catholic Center. 

St. Peter's is a place where you can maintain and grow in your relationship with Jesus our Lord and His Catholic Church. I know that there are both many challenges and opportunities that college life brings. Above all, it is our search for meaning, beauty and truth that will lead us to the greatest peace and joy. 

I hope that you will find a way to get involved, both to receive love from God and from this community of faith and to give back through loving service in some way. 

I am thankful for the great community that God has used my predecessors to build here. A special word of gratitude to Fr. Anthony Odiong for the many great things he did here over the last 5 years. Fr. Anthony will be beginning advanced theology studies this Fall. I look forward to working to make St. Peter's an even stronger place where Christ's love is preached, experienced and lived out.  

Fr. Daniel Liu (about me)

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